Monday, February 11, 2019

[Blog Post #26] I got a sucker! (Ivywoods and P.O.S.E.)

I got a sucker!


PIP-Pastel Delight (outfit)


p.o.s.e. (add) valentine Group gift (baby size)

Other Items:

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Lilo hair(Unrigged) (Cupid Inc)
. tiptoes - Round Glasses - White
8.Yokai - Okashii  -  Plaster (lilac)


[Blog Post #25] Making Shadows (Ivywoods & Gacha Garden & P.O.S.E.)

I'm making shadows on the concrete. It's too cold to swim, but shadows are fun too!


Sweet Potatos - Smitten Kitten Outfit_Yellow (td and bebe fitted)

Gacha Garden:

Rassuel-Bodrum White Gacha (furniture/scene)


p.o.s.e. baby stand 2

Other Items:

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Lilo hair(Unrigged) (Cupid Inc)
Pink Acid Daisys In Spring Headband - White
. tiptoes - Round Glasses - White
8.Yokai - Okashii  -  Plaster (lilac)


Sunday, February 3, 2019

[Blog Post #24] Painting Little Hearts (IvyWoods)

Painted Hearts

Painting Hearts while out at the campsite. 

IvyWoods Items:

[Little Button] - Emma Gacha Dress 7 Bebe
p.o.s.e. (add) paint heart
Villains Vault Floating Heart Gacha Pixel Heart Rare 

Other Items:

*Besom~ Beautiful Maids (Hair)
Bebe Body
Bebe Salem Head
(Personal Batty Bebe Shape)
[L.B] Cold Lanor Bebe Skin

[Blog Post #23] KK and CC Painted the Blog Room! (IvyWoods + Gacha Garden)

I Painted Your Nose!

I invited my friend Kaysha to come paint with me, we ended up making a mess! I painted her nose, and she painted me. It was lots of fun, we brought snacks in our bunny backpacks, and pillows so she could reach the paper. :D <3 I love my friends and I love play dates!
Partner Blogger's Page Kaysha's Korner

IvyWoods Items:

{SnS}Auden Teal Outfit (me)
{SnS}Auden Purple  Outfit (her)
*KF* Bunny Back Pack chocolate
DUST: Little Artist - Rainbow Heart 
[Life2] Riff's Cotton Candy Plaid Summer Loving Pillow (Kids)

Gacha Garden Item:

AD - Adore C RARE (hair on me)

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

[Blog Post #22] Family Photo Time (IvyWoods Jan)

Do we Have to Take a Photo!

Taken @ Cailey's Castle Store Entrance 

(outfit credits not included this time)

p.o.s.e. family frame {@ IvyWoods Event}

Thursday, January 17, 2019

[Blog Post #21] Can I bring her with me? [IvyWoods Jan][GachaLand Jan]

I want to take her too!

It's picture day at school, but I don't want to go without my matching dolly. Mommy says she can't be in the picture with me, but I don't care. I asked her lots and she said it wasn't a good idea. I told her to guard all our ladybugs till I got home. I love my mini. I put a bow and glasses on her just like mine!


LAGOM - Studio Stockholm [Skybox] #01 RARE
 Bee Designs  Ladybugs {@ GachaLand}
DOLLIEZ- LELE  {@ IvyWoods Event}
Matching Dress: [B.B] Mermaid Dress Td  {@ IvyWoods Event}
Skin: [L.B] Emmy Skin  {@ IvyWoods Event}
bonbon - pony hair [natural] (50L Fri  (jan 11)
tiptoes - Round Glasses - White
*TD* Bento Mesh Head #Earth - Head (v.1.0.9)
3 - Body - BABY FITTED (ToddleeDoo)
Beau Bebe - Ribbon Sandals - TD Baby - Pink
8.Yokai - Okashii  -  Plaster (lilac)
{WF} Jorie Bow Blue
Shape: MaeLyn TDB Fitted Earth 3 ft
p.o.s.e. princess 1 {@ P.O.S.E.}

(also posted at flickr and gimme gacha)

Friday, November 16, 2018

[Blog Post #20] Bedtime is not for me!

No Sleep Please!

 It's bedtime, but you can't make me go to bed!!! -giggles and hangs over my crib-
 I'm too excited to sleep, it's getting closer to Christmas!

I might be a little tired though. 

Info and more:

(Most decor and Furniture by Moss&Mink)[message for others] 

.tsg. Santa's Cap - Red
. tiptoes - Round Glasses - White
/Wasabi Pills/ Aiko Mesh Hair - A
[B.B] Christmas Pjs Bear TD (@ Color Me Cute)

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  A Monthly event from the 15th until the 1st